I arrived in Bologna last Wed.and will here for a month coming back middle of October. The extreme heat is worse than NYC! I registered for an intense two, four hour classes at a language. I will also will be researching and writing articles and traveling on weekends hopefully.
I will continue this later as the days pass.
Ciao for now.

It is Sat 17 September. This time the adjustment has been a little difficult. A year ago I stayed in the same building, happy and content. It was one room, kitchen and bath, with shower. Quiet over looking a garden. This time the owner described two places in the building. I could stay in the first one until the 18 and move to the other one after. NOT True! Got here rules changed.
I will not go into her screaming at me last night but the whole building heard her hieratic, tantrum.
She comes off as this sweet old (looks old) heavy Italian. Anybody’s grandmother.
I will not go into what this apt. Is like can i say worst than monastery! I do no need luxury, but thing have to work like a shower! It is beyond bare minimum.
So, here I am trying to make the best of this situation. I had my first meal here. A farro salad al forno, two breaded tomatoes, a few pieces of mortadella, a marinated artichoke, the famous horn bread from the area and of course a wonderful glass of wine, a sauvignon from the Alto Adige And pleasant music on my iPhone.
That made my evening! Taking care of oneself with food and music is important and works in difficult times.

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