Although my nature has been for a long time to seek ways to enrich, beautify, and balance my life through work, play, and study, I woke up one day and realized that my life’s work had been my therapy and medicine. Not just food styling on its own, but the combination of that, my deep interest in cooking, design, style, travel, and all things rich with culture and good taste. And now, through my entertaining and writing, I can share with others some of my passions and experiences. I want to share and celebrate my passion for cooking, gardening, designing, and all things close to me. Cooking has always been an extension of the way I live and work. Whether I’m cooking for friends or styling food for the camera, I must feel a connection to my ingredients and techniques. It’s all part of experiencing the textures, smells, and sounds so essential to cooking. Each aspect of preparation, from conceiving a recipe and selecting ingredients and wines, to presenting a dish and setting the table, is for me a personal expression of style, and what makes me feel connected and whole.

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